SmartPacker 3D Express

a ZhiHuo optimizer for container transport

The Express Edition of SmartPacker 3D is for loading a single type of cartons into a container space. The space can be the total or the remained inner space of a container, and can also be the loading space above a pallet.

To load for maximum number, input the length, width and height of the space and the carton, check or uncheck the Up requirement. The demo below loads a (750,534,288) carton into a (5710,2352,2385) space. You can use Tab on your keyboard to jump through the data input numberboxes.

The loaded 264 cartons are made of 4 groups, with numbers of layers listed. For example, the first group consists of 72 cartons, 9 rows from front to back, 1 layer from left to right, and 8 layers from bottom to top. The length-height face of a carton is marked by a green triangle, and the width-height face by a white triangle.

To further investigate how the 264 cartons are packed, you can zoom in and out by rolling mouse wheel, mouse drag to turn the illustration around, and uncheck some carton groups to see those hiding behind.

In case you are not determined on a space dimension, e.g. allowing what height for a open-top container, you can use / on your keyboard to increase/decrease that dimension, check what carton number and loading pattern will end up, then make a decision.

In the demo below, clicking or pressing with the space height numberbox decreases its value, you can see carton number goes down and loading pattern transforms accordingly.

The / trick can also be applied on carton dimensions. This can be used to check allowance on carton deformation, or to choose a fit size in carton design.

The demo below shows how ing the carton height impact the carton number and loading pattern in a given space.

To load a given number of cartons, e.g. to fill an order, SmartPacker computes a loading plan for minimum height, width, or length.

In the demo below, the maximum carton number computed, based on the dimensions of the space and the carton, is 169, when the ordered number is 100. Changing the carton number brings about 3 options: Front, Right and Down, for computing a loading pattern occupying minimum length from front to back, minimum width from right to left, or minimum height from bottom up. The default choice is Down and the loading plan for 100 cartons occupies 1284mm high with 775mm remained. If the ordered number is bigger than the maximum number computed, you will need bigger or more container space.

/ the carton number to see how to load different number of cartons for minimum height.

In the demo below, the cartons are loaded for minimum length from front to back, then minimum width from right to left, with varying carton number.

Questions and comments, email smartpacker@zhihuo.net.