SmartPacker 2D BETA1.5

pack multi-type pallets to container

SmartPacker 2D is for loading multi-type pallets into container. 2D means two dimensional, when the height constraint is not considered.

When you change the numbers for each pallet type, you will see whether and how they can be loaded into the container immediately. Numbers in Green and a loading illustration means Yes, while numbers in Red and no illustration means No. To change a number, find it with your mouse and roll the mousewheel.

You can load pallets by their shipping priority. When the container is getting full, some types of pallets can still be added when other types cannot, as indicated by the Green/Red traffic light above the numbers. You may want to try different combinations with this helper before close a case.

The trial edition only cover the standard pallet and container types found in wikipedia, but customized types can be added.

If your loading task did not involve many types, you can opt to make the user interface simple by going to the "Options" page and de-select those not in use.

Questions and comments, email smartpacker@zhihuo.net.